Thursday, August 28, 2014

not so spunky syd

Spunky Sis is not so spunky.  She woke yesterday fine and then quickly went downhill.  All she did was curl up on our couch and her eyes looked heavy and soon she was sleeping (at 8am).  Not her normal.  She napped on and off all morning, got a bit more energy mid day, and was burning up again in the evening.  This morning she woke warm but not tired like the day before.  Doc said virus.  

They did a throat culture for strep.  Nurse promised a prize.  
She said, "I hope the prize is a cat, some new shoes, or a purse."
Love the optimism of an innocent three year old.  Her soon to be first grade brother did clarify that it wouldn't be a cat.  

She was thrilled to pick out a necklace of purple beads.  

Boys are going nuts here.  We had big plans for both Wednesday and Thursday.  And they are pretty stuck at home.  But it is what it is.  And down time at home is okay too.  

So spunky Sis is not so spunky.  But things are turning around quickly here and I think we are on the mend. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

looking like a first grader

This kid lost his first tooth last week.  It went from not loose to very lose overnight.  And it fell out when showing us how lose it was.  It fell onto the street and we were all on our hands and knees looking for that little bugger.  The tooth fairy brought him $2.00.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Starting these blueberries

This weekend we ventured up north and went blueberry picking.  The picking was prime!  Bushes were loaded.  The kids had so much fun and I squealed and snapped gorgeous photos.  I have been feeling SO overwhelmed with how behind I have been on the blog.  I don't keep baby books so Henry losing a tooth is going to be lost if I don't get it down.  So instead of waiting til I have a 100 hours to start WAY back when and work forward I am going to breathe, give myself a break, and start from the now and post backwards when I have nothing new to share.  I miss this and I know I keep saying I am going to restart.  But this time, I am telling the truth.  
So here is just some pictures from our hour or two at the blueberry patch.  There are more to share with family.  But here are a few of my favorites.  

Monday, August 4, 2014

her carrot

We will start here

Wow, this place has been silent and I have been so sad about it.  Life just has gotten so busy.  But I am missing the part of me that blogged.  So this week, I am vowing to get up and exercise every morning and squeeze in some blogging.  I am going to start super simple with a ramble.  And then I have so much to catch up on I might just do some remembering some summer moment posts and see if I can find a rhythm of visiting this space again.  

Summer has been good.  At the beginning it felt like it was going to be long.  My kids don't go back until Septmeber 10th.  But it is already August.  And now the time is just going to fly.  Charley is begging to go school shopping.  We aren't signed up for any more camps.  I am determined to just go with the flow and relish all the time with three underfoot.  

My sister took that picture of me and the three as we said good-bye to the lake up north.  37 or 38 years I have been visiting that dock.  I haven't missed a year.  And now Charley has been there 9 years.  More to come on that week. 

This summer we have been busy with I don't even know what but it was nice this last weekend to make time for friends.  We hadn't been to their house in a while and last year around this time they came here to visit.  My kids always have such a blast with their boys.  Ed's buddy Mike has been a good pal since they were youngsters.  So fun to see them as dads now.  And Kelly and I can chat cameras, kids, cooking, and life.  Perfect summer weekend!  More to come on that.  

My photography thing has become this real thing.  It has even had moments where it has started to feel like a job.  Too many bookings in one week.  The break for our week up north was blissful.  And getting busy keeps me from doing my own families pictures.  BUT, I have started making some connections with photographers all over the US and I have had fun entering photos like the one above in themed weekly contests.  This one was picked for the theme public.  Doing these types of things allows me to focus on my style and my family and keeps me creatively challenged.  and it is so much fun to have a group of photographers or a photographer recognize my work as "top ten" worthy.  

Summer slide is in full swing here, even when we have to return our library books in laundry baskets.  So August has been about getting Charley back on track with his math facts, he has been great about reading.  And Henry is getting warmed up for a fantastic start to first grade.  Miss Syd keeps talking about preschool and I can't believe that this year I will have 2 hours, two times a week, without any children in the backseat.  Mixed emotions!  definitely. 

This little guy was hanging out in our yard.  He was literally the length of my pinky nail when we found him.  We have been feeding him a new crisp milk weed leaf daily.  And he is now the size of my pinky!  He travelled to Wisconsin with us this weekend and even came into the restaurant on the way home because we didn't want him to roast in the car.  These types of things are the little things I am so glad I took the time to do with my kids.  And I worry I don't do them enough.  But my focus these days is on what I am doing not what I am feeling like I am not doing.  And Henry's amazement at this little guys growth has been a reminder to slow down and relish these little things.  

We are fitting in zoo trips, just us.  And little sis wants to do everything like her big brothers...see them there in the distance.  We are trekking to the pool when we have an hour or two free, when a friend calls or texts that they are going to be there, when all three are in need of a bath, or when we need to burn a little last minute energy.  

These three are my joy this summer.   And even though August is typically a countdown to summer ending.....with school starting a bit later.  I am giving myself permission to think of that countdown just a wee bit, but to remind myself that we have September to countdown.   

Monday, July 14, 2014



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